Private Protocol About Us


Private Protocol represents and distributes “best-of-breed” Next Generation
IT Security solutions for Africa and Indian Ocean islands.

How we started:

Private Protocol originally started as the company Seven Days Technologies in 2007,
focusing on developing mobile and SaaS type applications.

Having spent numerous years servicing the mobile app development market a strategic decision
was taken to embrace the burgeoning data and network security market.

This included a name change that better reflected our focus and core offerings, in 2016
the company was renamed  to Private Protocol.

Since then, Private Protocol has become a name synonymous in Data Security, assisting resellers
and customers with solutions that protect their most valued information – electronic data.

Today we are considered one of the more focused IT Security distributors offering solutions.
and strategies with the aim to assist organisations with the various
Government Acts and Regulations aimed at protecting private and business data, both on-prem and cloud.

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Check out our Newsroom with all the latest insights and keep up to date with the latest technologies and interesting articles on data and security protection.

Also Industry Blogs from our various vendors and videos from our various vendors.

Mission Statement

  • Identify gaps in protection of electronic data and applications.
  • Deliver applicable and enabling solutions.
  • Become partners in the data transformation process.

Business Goals & Objectives

To be a major contributor of technologies and services, assisting companies to become compliant with all the various data protection Acts and Regulations.

Core Values

  • ETHICS: To always understand the business needs of the client & advise them accordingly.
  • INNOVATION: Continual research of products and services available for supply and implementation in the industry.
  • CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS: To build strategic and long-term relationships with our clients.

Growth Strategy

  • To help organisations identify the gaps in their current data protection technology by the use of Risk Assessments.
  • To broaden customer knowledge via various educational channels.
  • Enable clients to make better informed decisions to meet their business need.
  • Motivate Reseller groups.


Private Protocol is managed by a team of experienced and dedicated employees who offer a wide range of technical and management skill sets.


Private Protocol and its resellers have serviced, but not limited to the following industries:
Government, Auditing, Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil and Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Health.